DRS 2006 - Radio software with all the bells and whistles
DRS 2006 - The radio automation software Version 4. Over 10 years of experience and the ideas of thousands of customers are built in this brand-new software. The radio automation software by radio people for radio people!

With DRS 2006 anybody can start a professional sounding radio program in minutes. Just import your complete audio library and away you go. It already has tons of built in features like database editor where you can set cue points and fades visually or assisted, a virtual cart machine, prelistening functions and encoders which let you stream your radio program online. DRS 2006 is not a simple player. It is a complete "walk-away" broadcast automation you can count on - day in and day out!

But that is not all. The new DRS 2006 is also fully customizable. For example you can make it look the way you want it to with the built-in themes and you can add the features you need by installing different plugins like the "DRS 2006 Sound Processor" plugin or the "DRS 2006 Effect Bench plugin". The new DRS 2006 plugin system makes the possibilities endless and we are constantly developing new plugins which are requested by our customers.

DRS 2006 is not only easy to use and understand - it's also within your budget. This software shows that a great radio automation software does not need to be expensive. Another reason why so many radio stations around the world are using it.

Of course we are constantly improving the software and you can update your DRS 2006 system free of charge. If you need any help, our DRS 2006 Support Center is there for you 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Discover how easy and intuitive radio automation can be and join the broadcast revolution today! DRS 2006 - When 2nd best won't do!

Find out more and get started with DRS 2006 Version 4
DRS 2006 Plugins - Choose the features you need

Customize your DRS 2006 radio automation software! Our unique plugin system makes DRS 2006 more flexible than ever. Of course we are constantly developing new plugins based on the requests of customers. Be a part of our huge DRS 2006 Community and send us your requests!

DRS 2006 Auto Play Manager Plugin NEW!
An optional Auto Play Manager Plugin for DRS 2006 Version 4. This plugin includes full "walk away" automation features for your DRS 2006. The Auto Play Manager is the most powerful Plugin of the DRS 2006 Version 4. It allows you to fully automate and pre-program your radio program in advance.

DRS 2006 - The radio automation software V4 - Auto Play Manager Plugin

"Walk away" radio automation at its very best! The Auto Play Manager is used to define playlists, shuffle rotations or single database items which will be automatically loaded and launched at the time you have scheduled them in a unique scheduling system.

DRS 2006 Sound Processor Plugin
An optional Sound Processor Plugin for DRS 2006 Version 4. This plugin includes an automatic gain control (AGC), a compressor and an equalizer. This is a plugin every professional broadcaster should have.

DRS 2006 Sound Processor Plugin

The automatic gain control (AGC) is an adaptive system found in many electronic devices. The average output signal level is fed back to adjust the gain to an appropriate level for a range of input signal levels. For example, without AGC the sound emitted from an AM radio receiver would vary to an extreme extent from a weak to a strong signal; the AGC effectively reduces the volume if the signal is strong and raises it when it is weaker. The Compressor reduces the volume of loud sounds or amplifies quiet sounds by narrowing or "compressing" an audio signal's dynamic range. The Equalizer filters and amplifiers are used to alter the relative strengths of different frequencies in an electronic signal. The Equalizer is used to fine-tune the signal to compensate for distortions such as weak response or oversensitivity at various frequencies. A demo of this plugin is already included in our DRS 2006 Demo Version.

DRS 2006 Effect Bench Plugin
An optional Effect Bench Plugin for DRS 2006 Version 4. This plugin includes special sound effects like Reverb, Echo and Chorus and permits you to add several effects to your broadcasts.

DRS 2006 Effect Bench Plugin

A reverb effect simulates the component of sound that results from reflections from surrounding walls or objects. It is in effect a room simulator. The echo effect repeats the audio you have selected again and again, normally softer with each interation. The delay time between each repeat is fixed, with no pause in between each repeat. The chorus effect is a modulation effect used to create a richer, thicker sound and add subtle movement. The effect roughly simulates the slight variations in pitch and timing that occur when multiple performers sing or play the same part. A demo of this plugin is already included in our DRS 2006 Demo Version.