Importing the database of DRS 2006 Version 2.2 or lower

If you have used an older version of DRS 2006 Version 2.2 or lower, you can easily import your old database into DRS 2006 Version 4 so you won't lose all your settings like cue points, intros or fade speeds. Generally the import function of DRS 2006 Version 4 tries to find all audio files in your old database and then copies each entry to the new database. If you still have your old DRS 2006 V2.2 or lower installed, then you will have everything you need on your PC. If you have deinstalled DRS 2006 Version 2 or you have it on another PC, you will need to copy 2 things on your PC:

1. The database file HRDat.dbf itself which was usually located at C.\DRS2006\Digitaldata
2. The DRS 2006.ini file which was usually located C:\DRS2006

So now that you have the the main database and also the DRS2006.ini file on your PC, you need to be sure that all audio in the database can be found. Maybe you will need to edit the audio directories in the DRS2006.ini. The audio directories are the last 3 entries in the DRS2006.ini file. You can open this file with a file editor of your choice and change the entries.

So now that you have everything setup you click on the 'Import DRS 2006 V2' button in the 'Database' tab to import the old database.

Database Tab in DRS 2006 Version 4

You will see this import window:

Clear current index can be checked if you want to remove all your current entries in the V4 database before you import V2. If you want to keep your current entries then leave the checkbox unchecked.

Location of DRS2006.ini points to the location of the DRS2006.ini file (see above). If you have an old version of DRS 2006 installed this file should be located in C:\DRS2006.

Location of HRDat.dbf points to the location of the main database file HRDat.dbf. If you have an old version of DRS 2006 installed, this file should be located in C:\DRS2006\Digitaldata.

Now you press 'Start' and DRS 2006 Version 4 will import the old database entries. When finished you will see how many items were imported right above the 'Start' button on the left bottom.

Items Imported: 12

'Items Imported: 12' means that DRS 2006 Version 4 has found 12 items in your old database and it can locate the audio file as well. If the audio file was already in the database, DRS 2006 will NOT import it again. It will also NOT import any setting from Version 2. The settings you have made in Version 4 will remain.

If you see "Items imported: 0" after pressing 'Start' although you have entries in your old database, then the importer usually can't find the audio files. Please be sure the audio directories are set correctly in the V2.2 database connector.

Database Connector of DRS 2006 Version 2.2

You can also press 'Check Database Integrity" in Version 2.2 to verify that all audio files are available. As mentioned you can also edit the DRS2006.ini file directly.

After importing large databases please be patient it can take a while to import the database and to verify it all entries are correct.

If you still have any problem importing the database of DRS 2006 V2.2 or lower, please contact our Customer Help Desk. We are there for you 24/7.

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